On March 14-15, 2019, Curaçao will host the Road to GES2019 Caribbean event. The Road to GES events are a series of signature events in anticipation to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019, which is scheduled to be held in the Hague, the Netherlands in June 2019.

The Road to GES2019 Caribbean event is organized by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, supported by the Dutch, U.S. and Curaçao government. The aim of the event is to gather governments, entrepreneurs and powerful partners to turn challenges into business opportunities worldwide. The Road to GES2019 Caribbean will focus on global opportunities in the sectors: Water & Energy, Well being & Health and Sustainable Tourism. On the agenda are Inclusive Finance and the Future of Work.

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Do you have a great idea on how to create a resilient island economy? Or do you have a Game Changer mind and would you like to share and implement your vision? Then apply for the Hackathon! During the Hackathon different teams of individuals with various backgrounds will work together creating solutions for the future of the Caribbean region. The three best solutions will get the opportunity to pitch in front of an audience of international experts, investors, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and governmental representatives during the standing dinner at the Maritime Museum. The best idea wins 1000 dollar.


General Program

Speakers like the prime minister of Curacao, the prime minister of Aruba and the US ambassador to the Netherlands will speak about what entrepreneurship and innovation means for the economy. There will be a keynote and a panel with local entrepreneurs. The event on the 14th and 15th of March will start at 8:00am at Villa Maria, vd Brandhofstraat 6, Curacao. After the plenary part of the event, you can choose to attend different Theme sessions.

Theme Sessions


Future of Work Sessions (March 14th 2019)

Robots will replace most jobs within ten years, how are we handling this? Hosted at the Social Economic Board, we will discuss the future of work on the basis of five propositions. In his keynote speech Adric Walter will introduce the propositions.


Sustainable Tourism Sessions (March 14th 2019)

Tourism is a powerful driving force of economies worldwide – and even more so in the Caribbean. The sector breeds opportunities, employment and cultural exchange. Next to opportunities, however, the sector also faces many challenges: tourism can have a significant impact on societies and the environment. How can we address these challenges and make tourism sustainable for people, surroundings and the planet? Join the Sustainable Tourism Sessions to discuss the future with leading experts including Aleksandra Dragozet, marine biologist and founder of Sea Going Green, and Arno Boersma, Managing Director of the United Nations Development Programme Centre of Excellence for Small Island States.


Health & Wellbeing Sessions (March 15th 2019)

The health care sector faces some serious challenges. Not only does the sector face increasing demands because of the aging population. The high workload for nurses and doctors and rising healthcare costs in general often mean that the client no longer is the point of focus. But that is ultimately what matters in the end. Could the use of technology and e-health offer a solution to support or improve the healthcare sector? What are the most recent innovations within the health sector, both globally and nationally? Can these innovations offer a solution to put the client at the center?

This session, hosted by Hospital Nobo Otrobanda (HNO), focuses on innovative developments in the health sector with the client as the central focal point. The mastermind during this session is Dr. Richard Visser, former minister of Public Health and Sports of Aruba. He will talk about his innovative approach to this field.


Renewable Energy & Water Sessions (March 15th 2019)

Energy and water belong to our most basic needs. Access to these utilities is however no given fact – especially on remote island regions. The upside is that these regions are surrounded by both of them, giving them great potential for harnessing the power of wind, sun and water. At the Renewable Energy & Water Sessions you get the chance to discuss how we can secure access to these basic utilities in a sustainable future.

We will start with an overview of the current situation on Curaçao and in the region, by Darick Jonis, CEO of Aqualectra, the utility company of Curaçao and host of this session; and sustainable energy enthusiast James Ellsmoor. Thereafter, we want to inspire you with a recent award-winning development regarding Ocean Water Assisted Cooling (OWAC) and several pitches of start-ups. Check the ‘time table’ for detailed information


Access to Finance Sessions (March 15)

Access to finance is an essential part of developing innovative technologies and realizing growth for entrepreneurs. During an interactive session on access to finance Luis Santine of CXpay will talk about payment solutions in the Caribbean and Co-founder of crowdfunding platform OnePlanetCrowd Coenraad de Vries speaks on alternative ways of attracting capital.




Theme session partners

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