OnePlanetCrowd launches Caribbean branch during The Road to GES2019 Caribbean

During the second day of The Road to GES2019 Caribbean, OnePlanetCrowd announced that it will expand its services to the Caribbean to foster a sustainable Caribbean economy. Guido Landheer, Kenneth Gijsbertha and Cam Houser spoke about innovation and entrepreneurship in the Caribbean during the plenary session.

Launch OnePlanetCrowd Caribbean
OnePlanetCrowd is the biggest sustainability crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands which finances sustainable entrepreneurs and energy project developers through crowdfunding. The organization wants to expand its services to Curaçao. De Vries, Managing Partner:“It is our intention launch OnePlanetCrowd Caribbean together with our partner Innovate Today before summer. With this service, OnePlanetCrowd wants to offer a matching portal for investors, funds and Family offices in order to directly invest and foster a sustainable Caribbean economy.” In order to realize this, the platform still needs to arrange some practical issues, but right now the organization is mainly seeking for entrepreneurs and energy projects that need capital for their launch. Entrepreneurs can apply at Valerie Vallenduuk, Global director of Innovate Today. She lives on Curaçao and is known on the island because of the program Present Your Startup Caribbean.

Health Session
During the session on Health, participants discussed the future of healthcare on Curacao. The session was hosted by House of Change at Nobo Otrobanda Hospital. Richard Visser emphasized the importance of patient centre healthcare on the island and internationally.  The lunch of the session was sponsored by Deloitte and there were lots of interactive sessions.

Energy & Water Session
James Ellsmoor (Forbes 30 under 30) introduced the Energy & Water session at Amazia together with Darick Jonis of Aqualectra. “Islands could take advantage of their size. They are small and therefore they could advance on the development on innovation in the energy sector.”

On the second day of the event, the hackathon ended. The startup Packed was announced winner of the hackathon during the standing dinner at the end of the day and won 1000 US dollars powered by C3. 

Present Your Startup Caribbean Finals
In the evening of March 15, the finals of Present Your Startup took place at the Maritime Museum. Five startups that participated in the startup program pitched their idea for a panel of experts. By the end of the night Cristal Le Grand of Le Grand Voyages was announced winner of Present Your Startup Caribbean 2019. The winner gets a ticket to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in the Hague. 

Eva Kleingeld