Individual with a great idea? Join the Hackathon

You have a great idea for the Caribbean region, but you don’t have any team members yet to execute your plan or maybe you just want to share your vision for the better future of the Caribbean! We advise you to join the hackathon on this event. We can create and make solutions for the future. You will work together with 3 to 5 people with different backgrounds in an (inter)national team to make the idea more concrete and maybe execution is possible in the future.

Topics are Health, Energy, Water, Agriculture, Food, Connectivity, Sustainable tourism including the overall topic “The Future of Work”.

Questions we ask ourselves:
How can we create a resilient island economy?
What will the jobs be in 2030?
What kind of work is left when there are robots to take over our work?

A hackathon to much for you? And you just want to join the summit ? That is also possible. You can join mastermind talks of experts and round tables on different topics. Register your ticket below.