Entrance Tickets Summit - The Road to GES2019 Caribbean

Target group Summit: Entrepreneurs, Pioniers, Influencers, Governmental representatives, Students, Startups, Scale-ups, Investors, Innovative SME-companies, Corporates, Professors, Game Changers, Innovators, Island lovers.

Do you like to present your startup, scale-up, solution or innovative idea?

Read on - by clicking on learn more - if you are

  • an individual or group with an innovative idea for the Caribbean region or

  • a startup-team with (the beginning of) a business plan or

  • a scale- up or SME company with a working innovative solution

which you like to present on the summit on 14 - 15 March 2019 to investors or potential launching customers.


Are you an investor, thought leader, managing director or just an individual who want to make impact?

You want to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation worldwide? You want to make impact, invest your time or maybe your money for a better future? Join The Road to Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 Caribbean. Take an active role during the round tables, matchmaking en see pitches of innovative entrepreneurs or invest your time in joing the Hackathon.

Corporate Partnerships

We’d love this event to be as inclusive as possible. Although we have support we don’t have enough funds to offer the entrance of the event for a lower fee. If you also think this event should be more inclusive for (starting) entrepreneurs and locals with great ideas please contact us for partnerships. If you are a company with a location in the center of Willemstad and you can host sessions on the topics Health, Water, Energy, Agriculture, Food, Connectivity or on the main topics Access to finance - “How can we stimulate Inclusive finance” and Future of Work “How can we create a Resilient economy”


Join the different possibilities

Individual or group with an idea

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If you are an individual and you want tot make a change for the Caribbean region but you don’t have any team members yet to execute your plan, you can join the hackaton where we create and make solutions for the future. You can also apply as a group.

You will work together with 3 to 5 people to make the idea more concrete and maybe execution is possible in the future. Topics are Health, Energy, Water, Agriculture, Food, Connectivity, Sustainable tourism, to get more answers on the overall topic “The Future of Work”.

Questions we ask ourselves are: How can we create resilient island economic islands? What will the jobs be in 2030? What kind of work is left when there are robots to take over our work?


Team with a business plan (startup)

You already have a startup with an innovative and scalable idea to conquer the world? We work together with the training program of Present Your Startup Caribbean to select only the best 15 startups to join the Prepare Your Startup Academy and only the best can get a stage at The Road to GES2019 Caribbean event in the evening March 15th, 2019

Below important dates to be available!


Innovative SME or Scale-up

You are a solid and already existing company and created an innovative solution within your existing business. Do you have a trans-formative tech solution for Agriculture, Connectivity, Energy, Health, or Water?

  • Is your innovation more than just a concept, with a functioning, market-ready business model?

  • Is your enterprise investor-ready and capable to be scaled up internationally?

  • Do you want to join other trailblazers to build entrepreneur-led solutions for the future, now?

Does this sound like you and your company? Then apply below to pitch your solution to investors and potential launching costumers.


Note that it is also possible to apply directly to the GES2019 in the Netherlands for 4 and 5 June 2019 though this link If you apply through our Caribbean website we can give you an endorsement to GES in the Netherlands. Please let us know if you also applied directly to GES in the Netherlands.